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Brand interpretation:

  YINUO”interpretation:“YI”Build a green home;“NUO”Represents the commitment to the user, and commitment to each customer to do every thing;“YINUO”The meaning of:The production of high quality building materials to build a green home, a commitment to each customer to do a good job every thing will be able to create value, to achieve the results you want。
  Brand LOGO senuo letters, as long as the customer will always remember our pinyin can exist, representing each banner in the minds of the dream, we believe that the action will become the industry NO1。  


YINUO spirit
Have goals, diligent thinking, brave innovation, dare to play。
management philosophy
Continuous innovation is each person's blood yinuo。
service idea
The customer is the big small sun。
management idea
Provide consumers with satisfaction and beyond the needs of the tiles and plate product solutions for distributors to provide sustainable profitability of the product and business model, manufacturers together, grow together, common success。
Quality concept
Quality is the enterprise survival.。
Principle of market competition
Only to provide the highest cost-effective products, do not provide poor quality and cheap products。
quality requirement
High standards, strict requirements, zero defects, strong control。
Brand target
Ten Nianneisennuo became the first national brand building materials。